For those who have the skills to lead, a driller job can be one the best options. This job will give one the chance to take in charge of a team and this would also be a great stepping stone to further your position in the gas and oil industry.

Duties and responsibilities

A driller is the person in charge of leading the team to drill wells. There are other duties that a driller have the responsibility to do. Among these is taking in charge of his crew. He is also in charge of supervising the running of the rig. He is the one who monitor the activity of the rig. Aside from all these, the driller is the one responsible for interpreting the signals that the gas and liquids from the well gives off. The driller is the one who watches out for the problems and find solution to these. Aside from these, the driller is also in charge of the settling dispute among the team members.

Skills and training required

Those who want to apply for this job should be physically fit, because the work involves intense physical activities. Organizational skills are also among the most important things the applicants should possess. It is also very important for the applicants to have a good interpersonal skills because this can be very useful when they deal with other people from different economic background. There are lots of employers that give priority to the applicants who have taken a vocational course and who have several years of work experience.

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