Field Mechanic

Oil companies offer their workers a good source of income but generally require long hours of hard work, especially in the field of rigging, exploration, mining, and distribution. And field mechanics are no different. Oil companies use special equipment and machinery, which require workers to handle such task. Field mechanics not only use power tools and run some equipment but are also usually responsible for their maintenance. They also work under the supervision of a team leader or field supervisor. Their responsibilities may also vary from one oil company to another and depending on where they are assigned to work.

Duties and responsibilities

A field mechanic fulfills the following tasks:

– repairs and maintain machinery and equipment used for oil drilling and other tasks – installs equipment at drill sites and handles power tools and machinery – attaches cables to pumps, diesel engines, and transmissions – dismantles engines and other mechanical units using wrenches, screwdrivers, and other handtools – cleans different machinery and checks their parts for defects – reassembles units and tests mechanical structures

Skills and training

Here and abroad, one can find a job as a field mechanic in many oil companies. Since oild and gas are considered depleting natural resources, oil companies continue to search for ways to get them and offer jobs to many engineers as well as skilled mechanics and laborers. In the oil field, the common requirements for field mechanics include at least a high school education, driver’s license, and training in the use and maintenance of special equipment.

Field mechanics should be physically fit and must possess good communication skills. They should be able to read maps and analyze plans well. Mechanical aptitude is also important.

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