How Much Can I Make Working in the Alberta Oil and Gas Industry?

As the primary source of energy in the world today, petroleum products are highly in demand and would continue to be in the many tears to come. Since the 1850s, the oil and industry has been a major part of the Canadian economy. Naturally rich in geological treasures, Canada is where such industry could truly flourish. This enterprise employs hundreds to thousands of workers. These workers receive numerous benefits and the financial rewards that only the industry can provide.

Salaries in the oil and gas industry in Canada

The compensation for the oil and gas jobs depend on the experience of the worker and the specific position. The salary for working in the Canadian oil and gas industry may differ from company to company or from one to another. For instance, a petroleum engineer may receive a median salary of more than 80,000.00 Canadian dollars. Other median salaries for specific jobs in the industry include 70,000 Canadian dollars for a mechanical engineer, 76,000 Canadian dollars for a Chemical Engineer, 38,000 Canadian dollars for administrative jobs, and 50,000 Canadian dollars for contract administrators. This is based on a salary survey report as of March 28, 2009.

Other benefits

Being part of this industry could be financially rewarding. However, it can also pose risks, especially for those who will work directly on the fields. But one need not worry too much about those risks; companies are required to give the necessary protection to their workers at all times. Furthermore, insurance and health benefits are always a required part of any compensation package.

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