The job as a swamper may very well be taken as a entry-level. It offers a good starting salary with minimal requirements and immediate benefits. A swamper works hand in hand with the dispatchers and takes command from driver-operators. In doing so, swampers must ensure safety and observe precautions.

Duties and responsibilities

Swampers offer service to the oil field by dismantling, assembling, and maintaining equipment and other machinery. They basically follow the command of their supervisor. They travel to site locations and provide assistance in troubleshooting. The job also requires them to drive vehicles and operate an equipment or machinery safely. Swampers are also tasked in repairing as well as keeping units clean. Basically, they help drivers to hook up trailer units and do pre- and post-trip inspections. This is to help ensure loads.

Skills and training

Swampers should have proper training related to the job. They must be able to follow instructions well and work on the field overtime. Many companies require them to be on-call 24/7. Knowledge in the use and maintenance of oilfield tools and equipment is also important. As part of the team, they should be able work well with their supervisors and other laborers. Aside from mechanical aptitude, keen attention to details and safety is also preferred by many employers. Physical fitness is a requirement for them to work under different weather and workplace conditions. People considering this kind of job should be open to travel to different site locations. Although experience is given preference, some employers gives more weight on training.

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