Understanding The Different Kinds Of Oil Valve Fitting

Valves are found in pretty much any industry, in a number of places, for a variety of uses. One industry where valves are rather prominent is the oil and gas industry.

In the oil and gas industry, valves are commonly used to control the flow rate, pressure, or temperature of oil or gas; cut off the flow of unwanted substances like air or water; prevent the reversal of flow; or to isolate certain substances.

GRM Flow Products is a company that operates out of Edmonton, Alberta, supplying Alberta’s, and the worlds, oilfield companies with quality wellhead and valve parts and servicing.

One type of product in particular that GRM offers is valve fittings.

Valve fittings are unique pieces that attach to various valve types, typically for the purpose of injecting a lubricant or sealant into a valve without needing to take the valve out of service.

GRM Flow Products offer valve fittings specifically designed for high-pressure applications. They offer five types of fittings: inner checks, vented cap, packing injection, body vent, and combination fittings.

Inner Checks

Inner check valve fittings allow flow to go one way, but will seal if the pressure reverses and ensures valves can be serviced under pressure safely.

Vented Cap

Vented cap valves allow lubricant to be pumped into the valve cavity to prolong life.

Packing Injection

Packing injection valve fittings are used to inject sealant (or “packing”) into a valve that has a leaking stem.

Body Vent

Body vent valve fittings feature a threaded vent port to control liquid draining, a weather seal inside of the stinger bolt stem housing, and a stop-pin to help prevent bolt ejection under pressure.

Combination Fittings

Combination fittings act as a sealant injection fitting and a packing injector for both Nordstrom and Newman-Hattersley valves.


While valves are used for many jobs across many industries, it is evident that they play an incredibly large and important role in the oil and gas industry. As valves are so prominent within this industry, it is no surprise that companies are creating products to help the productivity and maintenance of these valves. One such product group is valve fittings.

Valve fittings clearly serve a variety of purposes within the oil and gas industry – which is know to change quickly.

GRM Flow Products’ five types of fittings are designed to allow for the injection of lubricant or sealant without needing to take the valve out of service. Not only do these valve fittings enable the injections to be done in a safe and concise manner, but being able to keep the valves in service greatly increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the valves and their flow.

As technology continues to advance, these products will continue to evolve and change, and companies like GRM Flow will be able to provide Alberta’s oilfields with more effective, efficient, upgraded equipment.

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